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UTAH Multi-State Permit to Carry

The Utah Multi-State Permit to Carry class is a separate class from the Minnesota Conceal and Carry Permit Class.  This class and permit can be added on to the Minnesota Multi-State Conceal and Carry Class for an additional fee of $60.00 per student.  Those who wish to add the multi-state option can pay for this at checkout and must stay for additional training after the Minnesota Conceal and Carry Permit Class is over.


This class covers all of the basic safety and proper shooting fundamentals that a student needs to know to safely carry a firearm. Class length is generally 3 hours long depending on the class size. Everything from classroom instruction to the live fire exercise is done in one session. This comprehensive class meets all the requirements set forth by the Bureau of Criminal Identification (BCI).

After the classroom instruction there will be a live fire exercise. Students will shoot 20-30 rounds at a man sized target approximately 15 feet away. Please call with any questions regarding prerequisites.

Average Class Length: 3 hours | Pre-requisites: Minnesota Multi-State Conceal and Carry Permit Class


– Basic Safety principals
– Proper shooting fundamentals
– Anatomy of a firearm
– Ethics
– Home defense
– Physiological & emotional effects of a lethal conflict
– Defensive gun use
– The threat and use of lethal force
– Police encounters
– Aftermath of a shooting
– The permit itself and how to obtain it
– Prohibited vs. banned from carry
– Live fire exercise


$60 (There is a $15 range fee required for the live fire exercise.)


– Handgun of any caliber
– 1 box (30 rounds of ammunition)
– Eye and ear protection
– Valid I.D.
– Receipt from online payment


Guns and ammunition rental can be provided at $43 per student. We will supply at no charge, targets, class materials, eye and ear protection if needed.


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