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Certificate Troubleshooting FAQ

If you’re having trouble viewing your certificate of completion for the Online Minnesota Permit to Carry Course, please follow these instructions:

1. Ensure that you are using an up-to-date browser such as Chrome. Browsers that are no longer maintained such as Internet Explorer have known to cause issues viewing the certificate (certificate is a PDF document).

2. You must also be logged into your account to view the certificate. You can log in by going here.

3. Once logged in, click on “Online Minnesota Permit to Carry Course” underneath the My Courses heading. You should then see a blue button that says “View Certificate” provided you’ve successfully completed the course.

4. Clicking on the “View Certificate” button should bring up the certificate in that window where you can print it or save it to your device.

5. If you are still having issues please email info@precisionconsultingmn.com describing your problem and we will work to resolve the issue as soon as possible. Thank you!