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Online Quiz Summary

Study these important guidelines as you attempt to pass your online quiz.


1. Plan B is deliver foot pounds of energy center mass of the target offered to gain control or create an escape

2. Your finger should remain strait and off the trigger until you intend to shoot.

3. It is a gross misdemeanor to negligently store a firearm where you have knowledge a child could access it

4. You may openly carry or conceal firearms in a safe, non-threatening manner.

5. Minnesota is not a “Stand your Ground” State

6. Hollow point projectiles would be the best for self defense because it will deliver %100 of it’s energy into the target

7. You may use lethal force to prevent a felony in your home

8. Minnesota is a Castle Doctrine State. You are never required to retreat from your home

9. In the state of Minnesota you may not defend personal property with lethal force

10. Most peoples primary fight zone is about 140 BPM

11. The threat is the same as the use when it comes to the conditions that must be present for you to legally do either

12. There are 4 conditions that must be present to use lethal force

13. You may defend a stranger with lethal force

14. It is a crime to carry a firearm at blood alcohol content of .04 or higher