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Testing Some New Rifles

Lately I have been shooting a few different rifles manufactured by Yankee Hill Machine. What has drawn me to YHM is the Todd Jaret custom forend because of its looks. Ok I hate to admit it but how cool my rifle looks is almost as important as how it functions. I can honestly say they operate flawlessly right out of the box with no break in period. I test fired three different models.

Check out the video after the jump!

After running 1000 rounds through three different rifles I had zero malfunctions. I actually abused them as if I borrowed them from my step brother. At one point I had my rifle so hot you could have placed the barrel in a glass of water and made tea.

Speaking of barrels and cool looks…. you need to see the custom diamond cut flutes in their lightweight barrels. A must have on your carbine.

Amazing rifles with a big time cool factor.