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The Sig Sauer P226 Elite Dark TB

The latest edition to the family, I just received my new pistol for the new course we will be offering in 2012. (The Ultimate Handgun Experience)

So far I have approximately 300 rounds through it and am very satisfied with its performance. I am however struggling with the transition from a 1911 to a tactical full size handgun. The biggest challenge is to keep my thumb from depressing the slide stop while shooting. To remedy this, I have adjusted my grip slightly along with my stance, as you could guess my accuracy is suffering just a little as I am learning how to settle in to my latest addition.

The particular model I have chosen has the treaded barrel for no other reason other than its cool…. I have noticed the thread protector often starts to back off while shooting so a small drop of blue lock tight may be required.

Other features are shrouded night sight, SRT trigger, and G10 grips. I really like the grips; they feel like a combination of fine grit sandpaper on the palm swells and silk on the front and back strap. Night sights are what they are, what can you say other than they glow in the dark. Last but not least I have to mention the SRT (Short Reset Trigger).

If precision shooting is your objective than you will not be disappointed with the SRT trigger. I had several unintended double taps as I have been making the transition from double action to single action.

Contact us if you would like to take it for a test drive.