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Conscious Carry Firearms Training Online Course

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Click on Lesson 1: Firearms Safety link below to start and/or click this down arrow for the COURSE FAQ HERE

Before You Begin: The Online Course is broken down into 5 Chapters. Please read through the material and take the quiz for each chapter. Each quiz requires a passing grade of 100% before moving on to the next chapter.

IMPORTANT: Once you have successfully completed all 5 Chapters, you will receive a Certificate of Course Completion. However, the Certificate does NOT automatically pop up on your screen after completing the final chapter 5 quiz. To view your Certificate of Completion, you must either: Come back to this page (Course Home) where you will see a blue “View Certificate” button • or • Check your email inbox for a Course Completion notification which will also contain a link to find your certificate back here on this same page.

Please print or download your Certificate of Completion and present it to Mike along with your receipt at your Live Fire Exercise. To schedule your Live Fire Exercise, please call Mike Briggs at 612-644-8864.

Course Overview

If you’ve already completed the course and are trying to access your certificate, ensure you’re logged in first then refresh this page.


Lesson 4: Use of Force

  • Reasonable Force
  • Great Bodily Harm
  • Use of Force in Public
  • Use of Force in Home
  • Threat or Use of Lethal Force